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Coaching for Positive Change

Hayley Mascall Coaching

Coaching for Positive Change

About me

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the Association for Coaching and a Clean Language practitioner (link to Clean Language section of FAQs)

Prior to becoming a coach I spent 16 years in media and advertising. I worked with a broad portfolio of global brands to develop, grow and meet their targets and specified goals.

I also learnt how much I love working with people to develop them and enable them to fulfill their potential. It was in my role as Strategy and People Development Director at Naked Communications that I witnessed firsthand the profound benefits of coaching and the impact it had on our people, our culture and ultimately our organization.

Completely inspired, in 2008, I went on to train as a coach (link to: the-coaching-academy.com), and have continued to deepen my learning and practice ever since – most recently with an accredited course through The Coach House.

I’ve found the thing I love to do, that fulfills and excites me and where I am at my best. Coaching for me, is about making real and positive change in the world.

I work with those who…
  • might be at a crossoads (eg stepping into a new role)
  • have challenging individuals to manage
  • want to get better at what they do
  • want to be at their absolute best
  • might just want things to be a bit different

I work in professional environments where a client might have engaged my services for an individual within their team or company and I work with people privately who are self funded.

I have worked with creatives, writers and songwriters; strategists, business owners and team managers; I have worked at board, senior and mid level; in private, public and service sectors.

I work with anyone who wants to make positive change in their life, their work, their relationships.

This is what some of my clients have to say about the positive change they have experienced working with me:


“Hayley encouraged me to find my own solutions rather than directing or telling me. This was a great help as I often don’t ask myself the right questions or plan ahead…the sessions helped me to work out what was important for me to focus on and gave me more structure to move things forward.”

JK, Creative Director

“Through our coaching sessions you have helped me to see a clearer path, see where I fall down and why and what my barriers are, which is amazing. I have so much good stuff now that I’m really excited to work towards”

LH, Talent Manager

“Speaking to Hayley was like having a lovely, warm and positive spotlight on my career. She helped me to believe in myself and my ability. In my line of work imposter syndrome is rife so it felt good to be able to recognise my achievements – something I often fail to do. This in itself has helped me to work smarter. I appreciate all Hayley has done for me and would wholeheartedly recommend her!”

TD, Journalist

“I have found our sessions illuminating…I have learnt more about myself with in our coaching sessions than I ever have through years of counseling…”

TW, NHS Case Manager

“I was cynical about coaching, and didn’t know what to expect, but Hayley is somebody you naturally want to talk to, with real substance behind her words and her approach. Her down-to-earth, genuine style worked really well for me when it came figuring out what was hindering me from pushing forwards with what I want from life.“

RD, Travel Writer

“Hayley was patient, direct and listened to what I had to say with a completely natural approach. Through her questions and her attention to detail, she managed to help me identify what was important and keep a realistic and positive outlook on my career. I can’t recommend her enough.”

CN, Music Producer