Hayley Mascall Coaching

Coaching for Positive Change


I work one-to-one with individuals addressing challenges in both professional and personal lives.

I use Cognitive Behavioural Coaching techniques to help my clients reframe and reshape their thoughts and beliefs, and therefore help them get unstuck.

I believe in the power of Clean Language to enable clients to go deeper than they thought possible.

I work in the positive. A positive-biased approach enables clients to build their self-esteem and self-confidence, and fire up their motivation.

Working with me will give you the space to look at things differently, explore new ways to tackle familiar challenges and open up possibilities for positive change.

Together we plan for what’s next and devise ways to get there!

The majority of my work is face-to-face but I will work to your convenience and can be available for phone or video-call coaching.

See below to find out more about what to expect from a coaching session with me or here to find out how other people have found the experience.

My Approach

Working as a communications strategist for 16 years, I was in the business of problem solving.

I supported clients in getting them from A to B, considering potential hurdles and pitfalls they might encounter on the way before making a plan to reach the desired outcome for their brand or business.

It’s the same in coaching! We work together. We solve problems. We make a plan!

Genuinely fascinated by people, I come to all of my clients with a non-judgemental, empathetic, supportive and curious mindset. I am positive and warm but I can be challenging at times if this may support you to achieve even more of your potential.

I like to create a safe, yet inspiring and motivating environment for clients to explore their thinking, consider their current situation and identify practical steps to move forwards

I believe we hold our own answers and I believe in the power of ‘Clean Language’, an approach that uses no inference, or suggestion to uncover and unlock those answers.

I work within a strict code of practice, bound by the ethics of the Association for Coaching to keep the contents of my coaching conversations completely confidential.


I work with people to become the best version of themselves and to achieve what they may have never believed to be possible.

The Process

People are unique.
We all have differing circumstances, challenges and needs.

We will work together to create the right coaching programme, designed specifically to fit you, your organization and your outcomes.

Whilst there is no set process or structure, this is an idea of how a coaching engagement can work based on previous clients:

Example Process
  • We start with a contracting session.

    What does our work together look like?

    How long will we work together for?

    What does success look like?

    Where there is a client stakeholder we might consider co-creating measures for success and also agree what communication and feedback would be appropriate during the coaching process.

    If relevant or required I offer phone or email support in-between sessions for the duration of our engagement.

  • Coaching then begins with a one-off immersive session.
    We get really clear on the vision for our coaching work together

    We spend time better understanding who you are – clarifying goals, exploring your values and looking at your life purpose.

    We may think broadly and vision the next 5 or 10 years or we might work on something that is very immediate.

  • Beyond the initial session we would ideally meet every 2-4 weeks and for up to six sessions but there is flexibility to meet more or less frequently according to your needs and preferences.
  • Coaching sessions are usually 60-90 minutes, in person, by video call or over the phone.
  • Our final session will look back on our work together, reflect, review and celebrate your success.
    If, as part of the initial goal setting session, we established measures for success we will re-visit those in our closing session.

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My Commitment to You

  • I’ll provide a safe and fully confidential space to discuss what is important to you
  • I will support you in making a plan and fulfilling it
  • I will listen, reflect and help you shape and clarify your thinking
  • I will prompt you where necessary and give you space when it’s not
  • I will challenge you with appropriate questions and feedback
  • I will be with you every step of the way and together we’ll make positive change!