Hayley Mascall Coaching

Coaching for Positive Change


There are a multitude of reasons why you might choose to work with a coach but ultimately it is about chemistry. When you connect with someone it is far easier to share, open up and maximize the impact of working together.

There are certain characteristics that I always aim to bring to my coaching sessions and that I believe you will experience if you work with me…


I bring a blend of experience combining 16 years working in the fast paced commercial world of advertising and media, with 10 years working in people development and the coaching industry.
Together my two strands of experience equip me to serve my clients with integrity, empathy and authority.

I have an understanding of the challenges, pressures and needs of the advertising and media industry and appreciate the importance of return on investment. I am also passionate about what I do and am constantly evolving my knowledge, experience and practice.

I have especially loved building my Clean Language practice which I have found to be highly effective. You can read more about Clean Language here

I have always been fascinated by people, by what drives and motivates us and equally what limits us. I am inquisitive and curious and in coaching I love supporting my clients in getting to the bottom of what is really going on.

I have cultivated the ability to understand the perspectives of others, to see things differently – and use creative approaches and techniques to provoke my clients to do the same!

Working together, I hope that I can inspire some curiosity in you to lean in, delve a little deeper and gain insights to enable you to create the future you desire.


Whether working privately or in industry, I approach coaching as a collaborative process.

Where there is an internal sponsor I work collaboratively with both sponsor and coachee to understand the needs of the business and the objectives for the individual and we work together to make the changes needed to meet the stated goals.

Ultimately coaching is not telling but supporting and I work to support you in identifying and fulfilling your goals, ambitions and dreams.


Fiercly passionate about the benefits and impact of coaching, for me, there is nothing better than seeing a client at that moment of realization, when a breakthrough occurs and they know they can make that positive change, do something differently and get unstuck.

On my journey into coaching, my biggest discovery was the realization that when you are doing something that is truly you, you can be the most real version of yourself and that is nothing short of empowering. I want this same realization for my clients.


I believe in momentum, and forward movement.

I like to fix, solve and get things done and I work with my clients to help them do the same. I am at my best working with others to support them in achieving what they set out to. I am strategic, thorough and don’t give up. I am used to working to a brief, am outcome oriented and am committed to delivering results for both the individual and the organization.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of coaching and know that it has the power to transform people to lead balanced, purposeful and enriching lives.

I love seeing my clients gaining greater self-awareness, taking steps in new directions and making positive changes to their lives.

I feel it a privilege to be able to work with people who want to be at their very best and support them in doing that.

But don’t just take my word for it, see here what others have said about working with me.